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Down The Middle with Max and Los

Maxwell Finn and Los Silva

Join serial entrepreneurs Maxwell Finn and Los Silva each week as they share their unfiltered opinions on everything from the crypto and stock markets to breaking political and pop culture news.
Tom Cruise Is Immortal, Rotten Tomatoes Is BS & Elvis's Legacy | E33July 08, 2022 Episode artwork Could This Be The Next Massive $100 Billion Advertising Opportunity? | E32June 28, 2022 Episode artwork Sky High Inflation, The Coming Crash & How To Become Recession Proof | E31June 20, 2022 Episode artwork Snap Crashes, Emotional Decision Making & The Light At The End Of The Tunnel | E30June 02, 2022 Episode artwork Bezos vs. Biden, Markets Continue Freefall & Is The Elon Twitter Deal Dead?May 21, 2022 Episode artwork Our Government Is Going Full 1984 And It's Terrifying | E28May 08, 2022 Episode artwork Elon Making Twitter More Free And Transparent Is Terrifying Those In Power | E27April 29, 2022 Episode artwork Hulu's New Wild Theranos Show and Will Elon Actually Be Able To Buy Twitter? | E26April 22, 2022 Episode artwork Will Smith's Punishment, Elon's Huge Twitter Investment, Facebook Is Pathetic & Zuck Bucks Are Coming | E25April 08, 2022 Episode artwork The Slap Heard Around The World, Biden's New Billionaire Tax & The Madness Of Silicon Valley | E24April 03, 2022 Episode artwork Web 3.0's False Promise, Advertising In The Metaverse & Facebook Allows Hate Speech | E23March 25, 2022 Episode artwork Facebook Bans Max, Bitcoin's Future & Fashion Nova's CEO Buys Most Expensive Home In America | E22March 11, 2022 Episode artwork Trump's Truth Social App Launch, The CDC's Trustworthiness & What's Next For Our Economy? | E21February 25, 2022 Episode artwork Mainstream Media's Fear Mongering, Trudeau Freezes Bank Accounts & Are We Entering A Bear Market? | E20February 18, 2022 Episode artwork Meta's Worst Week Ever, The Future Of Free Speech & Politicians Continue To Be Hypocrites | E19February 11, 2022 Episode artwork The War Against Rogan Continues, Big Earnings Week On Wall Street & NFT Trading Tips | E18February 02, 2022 Episode artwork Stocks & Crypto Tank, The Get Rich Quick Addiction & Will Russia Invade Ukraine? | E17January 27, 2022 Episode artwork Joe Rogan Cancellation Attempt #900, New NFT Purchases & Our Recent Failures | E16January 20, 2022 Episode artwork The 100,000% APY DAO, Reevaluating 2022 Goals & Improving Your Work-Life Balance | E15January 06, 2022 Episode artwork We Need Age Caps For Politicians, TikTok's Toxicity & The Juice WRLD Documentary | E14December 31, 2021 Episode artwork CEO Fires 900 Over Zoom, Ray Dalio's New Book, Stock Act Violations In Congress & Nike's NFT Acquisition | E13December 17, 2021 Episode artwork San Fransisco Is A Disaster, America Could Be Permanently Broken, COVID Forever & The Rally App | E12December 08, 2021 Episode artwork Bored Ape Yacht Club Continues Innovation, 2021's Terrible Overdose Record & Biden's Latest Approval Ratings | E11November 20, 2021 Episode artwork Kaepernick's Insane Netflix Special, The Astroworld Tragedy, Biden's Awful Approval Ratings & Exploding Inflation | E10November 12, 2021 Episode artwork Trump's SPAC To The Moon, Cancel Culture Comes For Netflix & The Death Of Personal Accountability | E9October 22, 2021 Episode artwork